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Sport Foundation TEAM Skills
Instructor - Connie Moss, CPDT-KA
Duration - 4 weeks
Location - Training Center
Cost - $120  
Prerequisite- A Sport Foundation Class or Sport Foundation - Building Reinforcers
You and your dog will learn and then practice 10 different skills which serve as a great foundation for all dog sports such as obedience, agility, rally just to name a few. The skills include training in the areas of engagement and focus, heeling, recalls, fronts and finishes with stays, distance work, targeting, jumping, retrieving, cues at a distance, scent discrimination, and impulse control.  

Even if you are not interested in competing, this class will show you lots of little skills and games to practice with your dog which will increase team work, engagement, and focus for the pet dog.

You can both qualify for Fenzi Sport Dog Academy TEAM titles at each level. There are currently six levels for you to play in.  

TEAM is an acronym which stands for Training Excellence Assessment Modules and we guide you through the different levels.  You can find out more about TEAM here if you are interested in titling!

This class should be repeated as often as needed for handler and dog to be comfortable with the course contents. Or you can jump over to Sport Foundation TEAM Skills Club to continue your practice.  

All dogs must have current Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvo, and Rabies vaccines.  
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Check the class calendar to see the dates and holidays your class may be skipping.
TEAM Level 1 - Connie Moss and Asta.  Here are the ten skills you will learn.