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Competition Agility Foundations I
Instructor -    Kimberly Smith
Duration - 6 weeks
Location - Training Field/Training Center
Cost - $180
Prerequisite Classes - no classes needed
This 6 week session of classes introduces you and your partner to the foundation skills necessary to succeed in the sport of dog agility. These classes will work to build drive, develop focus and a team mentality with your partner. A "clicker" will be used for teaching targeting. "Drive" will be developed through the use of toys and restrained recalls. You and your partner will be introduced to foundation skills, heal, rear end awareness exercises, directional lead outs, cone work, contact skills, simple distance work and obstacle discrimination. Your partner will play crate games. Your partner will be introduced to basic agility training equipment such as travel boards, wobble boards, tunnel, tire and table.

​All dogs must have Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus, vaccinations by the first day of class. Please bring proof of vaccinations to the first class.  

Dogs 12 months and older.
A sit stay or down stay would be desirable but not necessary.
Plenty of really good treats and a clicker.
Notebook for notes.
Check the class calendar to see the dates and holidays your class may be skipping.