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Sport Foundation Class - Building Reinforcers
Instructor - Connie Moss, CPDT-KA
Duration - 4 weeks
Location - Training Center
Cost - $120
Prerequisite- none
This class will take you and your puppy or dog through the different reinforcers commonly used in dog sports today.   Reinforcers are anything your dog values and is used to positively motivate your dog for training purposes. 

You will practice each reinforcer and learn how to build your dog's desire for them. In turn, you will be better able to train your sport of choice with more success or simply achieve a better relationship with your pet dog, not to mention learning a few fun games to play at home in the process!

This is a high energy class and with lots of play!  We help your dog practice going back and forth between excitement and calm behavior.  We also go through different types of calming exercises to find the ones best suited for your dog.  

This class can also be repeated as often as needed for handler and dog to be comfortable with the course contents.  

All dogs must have current Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvo, and Rabies vaccines.  
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