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Puppy Agility 
Instructor - Connie Moss, CPDT-KA or Alix Mitchell
Duration - 6 weeks
Location - Training Center/Training Field
Cost - $125   
Prerequisite- Puppy Basics class
So many people want to start their puppies in agility right away.  Unfortunately a puppy's body is not ready for agility until at least 15 months or so.  That's because their bones are still growing and the growth plates at some joints are not solid yet.  Too much repetitive running, jumping, and downhill running can cause injury to these joints.  

So this program is designed with that in mind, but allowing owners and puppies to play and practice foundation skills and equipment for the agility course.   This course will build on skills, confidence, balance, movement, and independence work.  All while building a positive, trusting working relationship between dogs and owners.

There will be some agility equipment which is modified to suit puppies and protect their growing bodies.  

All puppies must have core vaccines, Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus, and Rabies.  Bordetella recommended although not required.   Puppies must be between 4 - 13 months old at the class start date. 

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"It was a very fun, low stress level way to continue training with my puppy and introduce him to agility. Connie's training philosophy aligns with mine. She was very positive and encouraging throughout the class." 
Liz Y - Winchester
"Connie was set up and ready to go when we arrived. The class was well organized with just the right amount of content."
Kathy L. - Inwood
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