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Preparing for Class
Dress Appropriately
Dress comfortably in loose fitting clothing and be ready to move quickly if necessary.   Working with dogs sometimes requires you to move around quickly and to start and stop suddenly.  Comfortable athletic shoes are also a good idea.  Please no flip flops or sandals.    

Even if your dog doesn't jump up on you or others, there is a chance someone else's dog may jump on you, so please wear long pants, unless participating in a class outside on the training field in hot weather.  
Be Properly Equipped
Working with dogs will be much easier if you are properly equipped for the task.  Using a treat bag attached to your belt or waist of pants will free up your hands and allow you to reinforce correct behavior quickly.  You can use a fanny pack, purchase treat pouches at local pet stores for approximately $10, or you can purchase a waist apron from Home Depot or Lowe's for just a few dollars.  

Please no flexi-leshes, choke collars, e-collars, or pinch collars. We are training with treats and toys and working on building strong, positive relationships between people and dogs.
Treats for Training
Think about how many treats you need for training and then double or triple it.  Try mixing high value treats with your dog's kibble to help stretch out the amount of treats.  Please no dry biscuits or commercial treats.  These might work at home, but typically in class you will need something much higher in value to your dog.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking,
hot dogs
cheddar cheese
cooked ground beef
boiled chicken

canned chicken
small cat treats
baby food (all natural)
leftover beef or chicken (no seasoning)

lunch meat
freeze dried liver
homemade dried liver
Don't Forget to Have Fun!
We want you to get the most you can out of your dog training class.  Being prepared will help you do just that.  Most of all, we want you to have fun along with giving you the knowledge and ability to train and work with your dog successfully. 

Please also bring along a copy of your dog's latest vaccinations for our records.

Please check our website or Facebook page before you go to class each week for last minute cancellations due to weather!