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Mondio Ring Obedience
Instructor - Connie Moss, CPDT-KA
Duration - ongoing, drop in class, 2 hours each.
Location - Training Center
Cost - $20 per class
Prerequisite- sit, down, stay, basic walking.  Dog should be either food or toy motivated.
We are pleased to offer this one of a kind obedience class in a format which makes it accessible to all dogs, even dog reactive dogs!  

Mondioring (World Ring) is an internationally FCI recognized sport.  It is designed to test the control of dogs in three phases which are obedience, jumping, and protection.  In America the United States Mondio Ring Association administers rules and trials and offers the obedience and jumping phases as separate entries from the protection phase of the sport.  This means all dogs are able to trial in obedience or jumping and do not have to participate in the protection portion.  Yes, even SMALL dogs! Jumps are altered to accommodate dogs under 22" at the withers.

This class will focus strictly on obedience and jumping for Mondio Ring.  The obedience exercises are performed as follows off leash,

check in with judge,
food refusal,
position changes at a distance,
absence of handler - with a distraction,
send away,

and at higher levels, 
search for an object with handler scent.

Jumping consists of a hurdle, broad jump, or palisade (climbing wall).  Alternatives are offered for  dogs under 22" at the withers.

Dogs and handlers work one at a time in the ring with the instructor and rotate as often as they can for two hours.  

Each class will focus on a specific exercise.  The exercises will be listed at the start of each month so you may pick and choose the class you want to attend (drop in).  You must sign up for the class to hold a spot as space is limited.

For this class, dogs must be able to crate in their cars or quietly in a crating area.  If you are unsure, you can email us to discuss your dog's options.  

For more information about Mondio Ring check out the USMRA website here

All dogs must have current Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvo, and Rabies vaccines.  
Special thank you to Melissa Hau and Fay Fay for the use of this video!
Currently offered on Sundays from 1pm - 3pm except where noted on the scheduling calendar.