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Private Coaching for Competitive Agility 
Kimberly Smith
Instructor - Kimberly Smith
Duration - per lesson
Location - Training Center 
Cost - $65 per lesson (special introductory price for June).  $75/hour starting July 1st.
Prereqisite - none
Private coaching is great for busy people who cannot commit to a regular six week class schedule or for owners and their reactive dogs. Private coaching also allows for more in depth instruction along with the ability to slightly tailor the class to better meet you and your dog's needs. Typically classes are once a week.  

Kimberly believes agility creates an opportunity for both dog and handler to bond and grow. It is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Agility is a fun activity where a unique partnership is created with your dog, whether for fun or competition. Developing this relationship with your dog is a journey.

Kimberly’s approach to dog training and agility is all about the dog, the canine partner. Her philosophy is based on clear and consistent communication. Keeping it simple, black and white. She began teaching Agility in 2014.

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