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Agility Levels 
1 & 2
Instructor -   Connie Moss, CPDT-KA

Duration - 4 weeks
Location - Training Field/Training Center
Cost - $120
Prerequisite - Preference for dogs who have completed a Sport Foundation Class
Agility is taught here at six different levels.  You and your dog work in this class until you have both demonstrated the skills for levels one and two.  

At this level you will be working on jumps, tunnels, beginning handling, beginning start lines, teeter, a-frame, and beginning weaves.  All while encouraging a positive working relationship between handler and dog.  You are encouraged to work at a speed that is comfortable for both you and your dog.  

It is not required, but all handlers are encouraged to have a one or two jumps to practice at home.  

All dogs must have Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus, vaccinations by the first day of class. Please bring proof of vaccinations to the first class.   Open to all dogs 13 months and older.  Younger dogs are accepted but your instructor may choose to limit repetitive  jumps and downward motion.  
"These classes and training opportunities were the highlight of my week. "  
Virginia K. - Culpeper
"Great way to bond with my dog. Lots of fun and good exercise. Everyone could advance at their own comfortable pace. My dog loved it!"  
Gail C. - Stephens City