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Foundations (Beginner)
Level 1 Sport Classes (Novice)
Private Coaching
Sport Foundation TEAM Skills Part 1
Sport Foundation Class - Puppy
Agility I 
Sports for Fun
Connie Moss
CLASS REFUND POLICY!  Refunds will be given up to the first day of class.  After the first class, there will be no refunds, however, at the recommendation of the instructor, the class fee can be applied to private lessons at the rate of $27 per 30 minute instruction session until class money is depleted.  There will be a $10 processing fee.  Private coaching expiration date applies.
Alix Mitchell
Our small class size reduces stress on your dog and ensures plenty of one on one instruction!
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Sport Foundation Class - Adult
Sport Foundation Class - Building Reinforcers
Scent Work I
Sports for Fun
What to Bring to Class!
Level 2 Sport Classes (Intermediate)
Agility II
Sports for Fun
Scent Work II
Sports for Fun
Sport Foundation TEAM Skills Club
Level 3 Sport Classes (Advanced)
Agility III
Sports for Fun
Scent Work III
Sports for Fun
Sport Foundation TEAM Skills Club
Behavioral Training

Behavior Problem Training
Kimberly Smith
Agility Foundations I


Competition Novice Agility 
Coming Soon!
Agility, PUPPY
Foundations I

Sport Foundation TEAM Skills Part 2
Agility Foundations II

Agility, PUPPY
Foundations II

Single Session